Happy Samhain!

Tis my favorite day of the wheel or year (samething really). Unfortunately this was one of those times when how we anticipated how it would be was actually better than the real thing.  

Halloween is a kid’s holiday so I always try to make my trio have a awesome time. We have noticed that trick or treating is really, really different here in the South. Not a lot of houses hand out candy, but every one who has kids dresses them up and heads out. So basically you end up walking A LOT with not a whole lot of candy to show for it. The reward doesn’t seem worth it. In addition to this lopsided ratio, my kids are growing older. I think they feel a little awkward.

I am going to take a minute right here to share with you my personal thoughts on why I approve and fully support teenagers who dress up and go trick or treating. Teenagers are NOT grown ups and we should stop expecting them to act like that. These are the final years of their childhood. As long as teenagers behave themselves and clear the way for younger kids – who the heck cares if they wanna dress up and knock on doors for candy? I think it is 100% better than what they could be doing: drinking, doing drugs, commiting petty crimes (like vandalism or theft), or having sex. So I fully approve of the older crowd of kids enjoying Halloween and living in the nostalgia of their own childhoods.

We made a decision tonight as a family. This was our last year trick or treating. Next year we will put our love of Halloween into setting up our house as a hot spot for trick or treaters to come to instead.

I’m sort of sad to see the end of an era. It definitely makes me feel old. Atleast we have a new tradition to start next year.

Now on to do Pagan things since the veil is thin!

One thought on “Happy Samhain!”

  1. I love your plans for next year. That will help a lot of kids not be disappointed. We had a big bowl of candy and no spooks to show up. Now you know whose responsibility it is to eat all that chocolate! Haha

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