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The coffee in the picture is perfectly poured and textured…so you know it’s not done by me. I’m all over the road when it comes to getting my cup (like a puppy struggling to find its footing when you pour food into the bowl). Either way, it’s how I start out my days!

There’s a lot on my mind. So I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible.

I want to go somewhere with my writing. That’s why I decided to try Vlogging…I have most of the equipment anyway. Write something and share with the world via video logs. Seems simple enough. But that voice I hear, when I do write, was fading away. It became very faint and I wasn’t happy setting the gear and recording myself. Honestly, I felt like a narcissist wanting to influence viewers to look at things a certain way. I want to share my thoughts with people but I also want them to have “Free Will” when it comes writing and interpreting. That was my biggest problem and that’s why I came back to my element…our element. So for now, being around such unique writers, I will keep learning until my time is ready.

My little man went as Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed Character from my favorite gaming franchises) and I couldn’t be any prouder. He had so much fun and I couldn’t help but share his smiles with him. He came back with a pretty hefty bag of candy. Being a former Medical/Dental assistant, I *ahem “examined” the candy to ensure it’s safety for my spawn. After his copay and deductibles were met, I happily gave back one piece for him to have and keep the rest safely tucked away from prying hands. He went to sleep with a sugar rush and I couldn’t help but admire how much he’s grown. Hahaha, I know he’s gonna kick my ass when he gets older.

I have been struggling with the whole “Being single again” issue. It’s so funny to me. I want attention but at the same time, I don’t (wow…I just compared myself to a cat). After what I just wrote, I don’t think I need to add anything to this thought anymore.

So, a new month begins and hopefully the lessons from last will help better us as people. This is actually my favorite month! I love Fall and the temperatures start to slowly decrease (not where I’m at…today it’s going to be almost 80 degrees F, Midwest can not make up its mind). But the reason why it’s my favorite is Thanksgiving!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I say my thanks every day or when I have a chance to. There’s just something about two days worth of embellishing our Gluttony with food and spirits (for those who drink). It also amazes me that people say “Thank You” and enjoy themselves but turn their cheeks away from the person on the side of the road who looks malnourished or is down on their times. After a full “Stummy” (offspring baby word), I try to find 5 people who are down on their luck with the leftovers. I couldn’t do it last year due to being there but at least I can continue this “Covert Mission” and really appreciate living.

Well, now that you’re caught up, I hope you have a great day. It’s a new month!!! Before I go, I have to tell you about a little thing I do at the start of a month. I write on a little post-it note, something I want to improve on. “Smile more”, “Laugh more”, “Tone down the attitude”…things like that and just keep it in a spot you constantly go to (like our phones). At the end of the month, I change it out. This month is “Stay light at heart” last month was “Acceptance”. Just an idea for those who want a little change. Take great care my friend!




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