And so it was over. He left. After all of those years…he just left. And they cried. He never expected such a reaction and it made him wonder what it would have been had he truly been himself all this time, instead of HIM. HE was a little boring. And controlled. But he had to be to keep the monsters sleeping. They were annoying, these monsters. They really inconvenienced him and keeping them sleepy was a lot of work.
He longed for the days of the monsters and their reign. They were fun, really….when they weren’t destroying his existence. They made him feel fearless and full of confidence. They made him invincible and cool. People wanted to be him. And now, he was ‘likeable.’ Yeah, he paid his bills on time. Yeah he was never late to an appointment. Yes, he was considerate of others…but it was all a little boring. This reflection swept over him as he walked home in the dark alone, careful not to awaken them with such provoking thoughts…

2 thoughts on “THEM”

  1. Wait I know I Michael foster he is my step dad. REALY IAM SAYONG THE TRUTH

  2. The struggle of life: To enjoy it, or to do what you’re supposed to do… It rarely seems possible to do both, does it?

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