Twilight Zone

So many little details are adding up to make today a very strange day. I feel like I have stepped into an episode of the twilight zone.

In regards to the fur babies: Jake has been busted peeing outside CLEAN litter boxes two times this past week. The first time he walked into the bathroom when The Man was relieving himself and well… he peed on a dirty towel some one left on the floor. Bonding experience or something more? I choked it up to Jake being territorial since there is this huge opossum that’s been roaming around the backyard & this incident coincides with a vermin sighting (the man saw it out the bathroom window). The second time it was on the floor next to our front door. One time and I was willing to let it go. Since it has been repeated Jake will need to visit the vet. He is neutered, boxes are clean, so this is something else. I just don’t know what. Please pray it isn’t diabetes!!!

We went to Petco and stocked on some toys for the babies. We got a new laser pointer, a new wand, and some mice. When we got home I started playing with Tyrion. I noticed after about 15 minutes he was panting… REALLY panting. He wanted to keep playing, but the way he was breathing made me nervous. I think he has got some sort of respiratory problem. He will need yet ANOTHER visit to the vet. I am annoyed because he just went because of his gross eye. I was told it was most likely an injury and to keep it clean. Goopy eyes + panting = Sick Kitty. They should have checked out his lungs when he was there. 

So I have one cat with cancer, one that is over weight and peeing on stuff, and one that has some issue with his respiratory system. Wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. So 3 cheers for Andy, my one “problem free” cat, who is not going to cost me an arm and a leg in vet bills.

Then this afternoon The Man and I were sitting on the porch. I heard a huge crack and a HUGE branch from the tree in our front yard fell onto the ground. So yeah, I’ve got free firewood, haha. Shortly after the tree randomly decided it couldn’t handle the weight of this big branch I read that there was a tiny earthquake today in South Carolina at around the same time the branch gave way. Weird right?

Tomorrow The Man and I are going for a hike while the kids are at school. I’m excited.


One thought on “Twilight Zone”

  1. I was outside on the deck with The Man and two tiny kittens I’ve never seen before came through the backyard and hid underneath my mustang. They seem totally at ease in my yard, but skittish near people. They accepted food when I offered it to them. <<< This explains Jake's epsiodes. He is extremely shy and is very protective over his home. He's using his natural instincts to do what makes him feel safe. I'm still going to take him to the vet to be on the safe side, but I already feel better about it.

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