My neice – on H’s side – a breath of fresh air and naiveté all in one. She was passing through town on her way back from vacation and asked if she could crash with us. Of course we welcomed her. She is a budding actress. Very talented. Hopefully she will make it one day. She’s been working with small  theatre troops around the country since graduating from college. Living in NYC. It was so nice having her at our house, if only for a night. She started my day out on a cheerful note with her beautiful big smile.  Love her so!

Old dog is still hanging in there. He’s on antibiotic for a UTI and tooth and gum infection. It is unfortunately messing with his appetite.  I’m cooking him a scrambled egg morning and evening.  He pees on his bed twice a day.  So lots of laundry. I swap out the soiled one and give him the clean.  Lather, rinse, repeat. Other doggie is doing ok.  He’ll occasionally bark at what seems like nothing. He may be a bit senile. But hey, I make it to 105 I may not have all my marbles either!  

I’m feeling fairly fluffy these past few days. I know I’ve gained some weight. Just trying to rein myself in. Halloween is always a “beer or treat” for the adults while the kids gather their candy. Our neighborhood is fun.  Great people.  We stroll around talking and sipping while the kids run amok.  Very safe and festive. Too many beers and treats for me this year though.  Ugh.  

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  1. Your neighborhood sounds just like the one I grew up in and the type I want to raise my future kids in… My Halloween also involved too many beers, but our standards are probably a bit different 😉

    Prayers for your sweet fur baby!

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