Day 248 – Cousin in the army?

Tuesday, November 1st 2016

Oh, did the writing for goodnight journal changed or is that just me? Anyway, savedbygrace, I added my costume to my precious entry with an explanation as to why I didn’t add it at first, but since you wanted to see it, I added it for you.

Today I started off with technology. I did quite a b—wow, my cat is meowing so loudly right now. I went to see him. I think he just wants someone to go downstairs and pet him. He does that. Anyway, I did quite a bit of work before studying for my following math test. It went fairly well. One of the questions I messed up half of it since it included a lot of past things we learned, so I didn’t bother restudying that since it was in the previous chapter and not the chapter that mattered, but the rest went fine.

I then ate lunch with some close friends and Kohai joined us. We had a quite… amusing conversation.

I then had programming and I am getting there with my website.

I ended the day with alimentation and we got our grade back from cooking our Indian food. We got an A, and judges said we had the best chicken, we just had too much cheese.

When I got home I hanged out on the server and played Black Desert Online with staff. It’s quite overwhelming, learning a new MMORPG. That’s why I avoid doing that most of the time. They’re fun to play, but annoying when you start learning it, since there’s so much to learn at once. Anyway, BDO seems like a really good game. The mechanics are fun, the esthetic design is well made, especially the characters… Only thing is the story seems kind of boring yet interesting, if that makes sense. As in, the premise is kind of cliché, but the characters are interesting.

While I was watching an army video, since lately I have been watching army, marines and such in their boot camps or having drill sergeants or instructors yell at the recruits, out of pure interest and some can be quite funny, mostly cause of the comments, my mom walked up to me and said that my little cousin, a year younger than I, got accepted to interview the prime minister, so Justin Trudeau, and is going into training to be in the army. First one I’m like “Okay wow” and second “Wait, he wants to be in the army?” I’m not sure what he wants to do, since before he wanted to be a singer, then an actor, and a doctor, so not sure if he wants to be a medic in the army or what, but he has been in the cadets and such, so I’m not surprised if he is taking that route. Either way, if he believes what he is doing is what God wants, then that’s fine with me. I just hope he stays safe.

That’s all for today.

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