Don’t pick me

Don’t pick me, you were told not to. Curiosity is begging for an answer but you have to find out. I will warn you that if you do…you will regret it.

First, I will ask you about the walls that were built up to protect you and then admire them. Let them down for me. With enough to persuade you, piece by piece, they leave you exposed.

My hand touches your cheek for the first time and I can’t help myself. I am breathlessly taken by how beautiful you are and what you hid from the world. Why would you do something like that to yourself? I tuck away your hair behind your ear to see those beautiful eyes. I wonder what you have seen through them, how much they have cried, and if they can see into the future. You avert your eyes from mine. I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t trust me.

I put your hand on my heart to acknowledge my weakest point. The resonating thumping syncs with yours, fast but slowing to a steady pace. I see you wanting more, don’t do it. The scent of you hypnotizes my senses. I finally have a way to track you. You seem to be indulging in mine as well.

You struggle to keep your body from holding mine. I’d love nothing more than to embrace you but I find myself wanting more of you. I can’t do it, I know what happens.

The wind blankets us as we remain still, like flowers frozen in the winter. Are you sure about this? You can always change your mind. Your choices have been your own as are mine. Don’t ignore your intuition about this. Will you let your desire burn endlessly or remain in question and wonder, “What if”?


I had to try this out, not something I’d normally write but I wanted to know what you thought. In the past, I have written pieces like this but I never really felt comfortable doing so. Do you have the same problem? I’m asking because it feels really weird. It’s like, let me serenade you with my words without your permission. It’s awkward, to be truthful.

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