Halloween Afterthoughts

Yesterday was Halloween, and we took my little sister out for her first ever trick-or-treating, but it didn’t work out so great because there were barely any houses with candy-giving people, and there wasn’t a SINGLE other trick-or-treater out to look at and say hi to.

But OH MY GOD there was one REALLY SWEET AND NICE old lady, and she looked SO HAPPY to see us that I felt really sad that there weren’t any other people out in costumes. She was so eager to give us candy that she gave my mom a little baggie, too–and it was a good bag, three chocolate-based candies (good stuff) and a nice glow stick. Man, I felt bad for how probably no one else came to her house that night. And then there was another nice man who was sitting out by his door and offered my sister the whole bowl of candy if she wanted. And then there was a woman who gave us an entire jar of peanut butter (yes, an actual JAR of peanut butter) because she said she didn’t have any candy but wanted to give us something anyway.

Also there were the bowls of candy with the “take one” slips in them, and they were still FULL. Which is unbelievable, because when I was a little kid, those bowls would be emptied before the sun had fully gone down. But then, that’s because I lived in a neighborhood where basically everyone gave out candy and participated in Halloween.

I put my hair in a bun and wore my gold silk cheongsam and ACTUAL HIGH HEELS because I would’ve felt bad not wearing a costume or some sort of special clothing outdoors, but it turned out that there was no one looking anyway, so…

We did get some candy, but it was nowhere near as much as what I would get when I was a kid, so I felt kind of disappointed for my sister. Oh well. I can’t keep comparing life here to life in Virginia.

My friend J looked super cute yesterday in her bear costume. White pom-pom ears, white paw gloves, brown dress, and black-paint nose. She looked too adorable for words. But she was told she had to wash the face paint off by the same person (principal) who dress-coded her when she was wearing leggings one day, so…

J is super pretty all the time though. It’s true. She’s sooo cute. Which is probably why that weird kid stares at her all the time when we’re at lunch. Anyway.


One last thing, not Halloween-related–my little sister has this classmate from China, a new boy. He’s annoying, rude, and apparently has behavioral issues, because he runs around and screams all the time. But he can’t really understand English, which is why the teacher originally told my sister and two other little Chinese girls to communicate with him. But he told my sister that he was going to kill the other little girls so she would have no friends, and he also grabbed her wrist and pulled at her, which YOU SHOULD NOT DO, to anyone ever. He’s creepy. I hope my sister can stay away from him. I know I sound mean here, because he is still a kid, and he is new, but I just don’t want him to harm her in anyway. So.


Have a good day, and stay chill.

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  1. Of course you don’t want that boy to hurt your sister. I wonder if he is autistic. He definitely has behavioral problems. He probably should be in a different class. I don’t think the teacher will let him really hurt her. Still, she is probably on edge all the time. God bless her!

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