In your eyes.

 Who actually does give a fuck?

It won’t be other people.

Lol, so now im being rude and selfish? Really?

I dare you, come and get to know me.

Hm? So you’re telling me you already know me?

Ohhh i see.. I’m thhe girl who gave you presents in exchange for friendship and love.

Or no, I’m the girl who was looking for dick on the web to get attention.

Or I’m the girl who seemed to like you but actually drops you the next day.

Who knows i’m maybe the girl who used to see so cheerful but shiiii… what happend to her.

Hmm, still don’t know what i mean?

I’m that scum ass girl on the playground, laughing all the time but going part-time school cause I’m claiming I’m depressed but actually I’m to lazy to go to school.

I’m the girl you heard about in rumors during class. The one who used to be a fucking slut.

Maybe I’m the girl who used to be your fucking daughter but I’m not cause you told me you felt otherwise so now you probably felt ok about me taking nudes of you, sending it to some random men, bringing you home drunk, taking care of your kids..

But who actually cares?

Who actually really knows me..?                                                                                                                I thought so.

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