Journey to getting over you.. Day One

For years the image of walking away has yet to leave my mind, and even the thought of us ever going back to each other warms my heart, but i know that it can never be that way. Somehow even writing about you in this blog seems stupid.. but i need my feelings out. Three years its been and i cant get you out of my heart. You think that would be a sign that its your true love, but what if your true love was also the most painful love? Is it possible to still love someone after the things you both put each other through? Is there a slight chance that “When you set something free and it is yours it always find its way back to you”? I dont know if it is or it isnt but here i am patiently waiting. I thought being with J would change my perspective on you, and make me realize that you aren’t the one for me.. that my true love is actually out there and you were just a phase.. but three years and i feel nothing of what i felt with you.

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