Morning Rant

 As soon as I walked out into the living room this morning I was greeted by that rank, pungent odor. “Thanks Jake”.

I’ve been trying to do some research to help Jake. Getting rid of him IS NOT an option. This is one problem that we will face head on. Jake isn’t doing it to be a jerk. It’s his instinct. This is essentially, something I agreed to deal with when I took him and Andy in.

So back to Petco to get refills for the disfuser. The felix spray should put out enough pheromones to calm Jake. I will also be cleaning the house with a special homemade cleanser so Jake won’t go after his old markings. Other than this, I am unsure of what to do. I stupidly suggested to The Man that we could lock Jake up over night, but it’s a terrible idea. Jake will never understand what he did wrong.

As far as weight control goes… we took a vote as family and have come to decision to ban Jake from the girl’s room (and from the never empty food dishes we leave out for Toothless). This means Jake will be denied access to excess food. He will have 2 – 3 play sessions a day away from Andy and Tyrion. That should be enough “diet and exercise” to help his weight taper down. Their vet raves about the brand of food we feed them so I really don’t want to switch formulas at this point. If Jake doesn’t lose a couple of pounds we might need to rethink what he is eating.

As for the new kittens outside, oh my goodness!!! They are so beautiful. They look like Cersi, but I haven’t seen her in ages. I am wondering if they share a common ancestor. The stray popular in my neighborhood is out of control.

Listen my readers: If you own or take in a cat – GET IT FIXED. If you can’t afford it – don’t take the cat in. You know how much it cost me to neuter my 3 boys – $25 a piece. That’s it. I did it through their regular vet at a standard price. If you can’t afford that, you can’t afford the regular maintance of the animal. My cats go through a 22lb bag of food every 2 weeks. It costs about $15. Their flea treatment is $25 for a 3 months supply and that’s only that cheap because my vet redoses the dog version for us (by the way, the stuff works great). My point is pets DO cost money and when you take a pet in you need to add it all up. I’m sorry that I am sort of ranting here, but there are over 7 strays that live by my house… and we see new ones quite often. So please, please spay / neuter your damn cat.

I would gladly trap the strays and ferals by me, but only to get them to a vet, and then back to the neighborhood we go. My local shelter is a kill shelter so I refuse to bring them there.

5 thoughts on “Morning Rant”

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry about your kitty troubles these past few days. I hope it gets better. I’ll admit it kind of steers me more in the direction of not taking in our neighborhood stray. I’m sad about it but my old pup is still hanging in there and he needs a lot of attention these days.
    Good luck with your furry brood. And have fun on your family hike! I love hiking with mine!

  2. I have the same feelings about people getting pets spayed and neutered. It’s such a simple thing that can really make a big difference. It’s great that you feel so much compassion for animals. 🙂

  3. Alice, The funny thing is that Jake is neutered. One would think he wouldn’t be doing it at all. It would be so much worse if he wasn’t clipped.

    I guess I’m just upset because do to irresponsible people I have cats on my property that are upsetting my cats and there is literally nothing I can do about it. No one is going to claim them. They are strays and ferals. They distrust humans. All I can do to help them is get them some basic medical care, get them fixed, and leave some food out for them.

    If people had spayed / neutered them to begin with they wouldn’t be in my yard and they wouldn’t be upsetting Jake.

    Mine are neutered just incase they ever got outside. I don’t want them to add to the population.

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