November???? Really???

It sure doesn’t feel like it!  We reached a high over 80 degrees today, not sure of the actual temperature, will have to watch the local news tonight and find out! 

Really enjoyed trick or treating last night. The weather was perfect….a little chill in the air to make it feel like Halloween, but not so cold that they had to wear coats on top of their costumes! RJ was the cutest little Teletubby and we got lots of compliments on his costume….made me feel rather smug knowing we paid nothing for it!! lol  He’s not been feeling the greatest today….bowel issues….not sure if he has a virus or just too much Halloween candy last night but I’m definitely over the nasty diapers! lol

I took advantage of the perfect weather today to get some yard work done.  I decided my hostas were looking pretty worn out so I cut them back, trimmed back some of my overgrown pampas grass and cut down my elephant ears and canna lillies….I didn’t dig the bulbs today, just cut them back. I hated to do it, they were all looking so nice and healthy, but I know it won’t be long until first frost and I tend to get pretty busy this month with holiday prep and such that I just wanted to get it done while I had time. I also mowed for what I hope is the last time this season.  My grass is still looking so green and nice. I washed and hung my bedding out on the line today too.  I did not only the sheets but the blankets and down comforter….there was a nice breeze today so the comforter got nice and fluffy! I can’t wait to crawl into bed tonight and fall asleep smelling the nice fresh, clean bedding. 🙂 We are supposed to have one last nice day tomorrow before clouds, rain and chillier temps arrive on Thursday, so I’m stripping RJ and SM’s beds tomorrow and doing their bedding. I’m planning on washing all the throw rugs as well. I need to get in my holiday shed and do some hard core organizing tomorrow too before it gets nasty.  A couple of years I’ve let all the nice days go by and end up having to get out all my Christmas and sometimes even my Thanksgiving decorations out in the bitter cold and snow….not this year! lol  

I called today and reserved the dining room and kitchen at a local event center for Thanksgiving and our family’s Christmas.  No one in our family have large enough homes to contain the crowd so we always rent this space.  There usually ends up being over 30 people! Everyone pitches in and helps to pay for it so no one has to foot the bill alone. 

Well I guess that’s about all for tonight….it was a nice laid back yet productive day! Oh! I almost forgot….I know that most people do the what I’m thankful for each day in November….I probably won’t post daily but I will list something I’m thankful for on the days I do post so…..#1 I am thankful first for my faith and for God who sustains me, strengthens me and cleanses my soul. Without Him….there would be nothing else to be thankful for! <3 And with that I wish everyone a wonderful evening!

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