remembering sober

Being sober, one thing you have taught and helped me with. Has given me the chance to remember alot of what I’m told. Even when you have been drinking and don’t remember what you’ve said. I remember it all. It’s something I wish I never learned. I can ask you something you have already told me and swore too and then swear by another answer. One thing that has done is taught me to never lie. Always be honest even if your going to hurt someone’s feelings. Be open and honest. I never knew how much a lie could ruin a bond between two people brought together by fate and bonded by the heart. Even after the lie the pain is so strong, that it’s not easily forgotten. You can uncontrollably still love that person but alot still remains. I have spent days and hours sitting alone rethinking all that I know and have learned and nothing prepares you for the pain you know your going to feel but you think it anyway. Rehash it every day. It’sIt’s a axing the pain you feel seeing someone leave you. Seeing someone do something your not a part of. Yet they get mad at you for doing the same. I miss you and love you but I know for you, it’s not me. 

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