Skate Tuesday

Just came back from skating and eating after. I feel like I have an issue with eating lately that I always eat till right before I actually get sick by eating. I did it again tonight at the Korean Chinese restaurant on 3rd after the skating. Ordered spicy seafood noodle and had a bowl of rice on the top of it. My stomach expanded as much as it could lol. I really have to start watching what I’m eating now on.

Skating was good even with a small group. It makes me feel much better and fuels me to be productive for rest of the week. I have been skating for about 3 or 4 years now? Still love the feeling. We skated to highland park today and passed by the places I went with Miao when he was here with his friends. Cubs won today so there will be the final game tomorrow. It will be crazy it cubs wins. I all the sudden care about the baseball cause Cubs is in the world series.

Work was good up till I had to deal with local environment again. haha it’s just a headache that it’s not just work. Never had this much issue with local host before. Gotta be something wrong. Stayed at the office till 7 PM but still haven’t solved the issue yet. Gotta keep try it tomorrow. 12:05 AM already and gotta go to sleep soon! Goodnight all.

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