Dear You

I miss you. It’s been days since I saw you. We’ve been talking online and we exchange laughs too. I tweeted almost everything about how I feel for you. I know that you can see those petty tweets but I want you to know because a part of me needed to lessen the agonizing weight I’ve been carrying for so long. I’m sorry if you can’t do anything about me because I’m a very sensitive person. I fall easily. I overthink casual moments. I hurt a lot. I can’t do anything about it too, honestly. However, one thing is for sure.

I like you. Like a lot. 

And I’m sorry again. I didn’t mean to like you, I just do. I love that you give me your attention and maybe cupid hit me with its curse because we look like a couple sometimes. I was hit first (I was pretty sure about that) but maybe you walked away and cupid missed. I guess, I was given a curse. 

I understand that you won’t acknowledge me. 

I also understand that you treat me like the others. I just mislead everything. 

And for that, I’m sorry. Again. 

I tried to decode you and it leads me into hating you. I thought you were a sadist because you like to hurt me physically. You might not notice because you were having fun playing with me but I was hurt. 

I guess I don’t know you that much. All I know is that you like to make fun of me. But damn it, you’re a good person. Too good that I’m falling deeper. 

Sorry that I’ve misjudged you. 

I talked to you again. I looked like a desperate idiot wanting to see you but you ignored me. And that’s where I loathed myself. I was too obvious. I could’ve just shut my mouth and be a friend. Please don’t be naive for once and tell me that I don’t stand a chance.

I don’t have the courage to confess. So please do it for me. Reject me. Allow me to be hurt.

Because then, I can let you go, freely. 


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