Hello again!

Okay, I’ve accepted that I’m not going to write here because I’m busy and forgetful, and I have nothing to say, but I do right now, and I think that if I write it, it’ll make more sense.

So I’m a freshman in college, living in a dorm, and I’m in a living learning program (LLP) called Wired.  So all of us on the second floor of our building know each other, and are more or less friendly.  So I’m pretty good friends with my roommate, Erin, who told me when we were filling out our roommate agreements in September that she’s ace, or asexual, and she’s very sensitive about people touching her.

Mid- October, I wake up on a Saturday and there’s a boy from our LLP in bed with her.  His name is Austin.  They’re both clothed for the most part, but it did startle me, and I told another friend from the LLP about it, just because I needed to tell somebody.  Austin is basically in our room all weekend, and he and Erin just watch Netflix, very innocent.

Sunday, I ask her what the deal is, and she tells me she’s not really sure what he is.  She apologizes for not warning me beforehand, and everything is good.

The problem is that Austin is a d-bag.  Like, I dislike him as an individual, he’s disrespectful, and he’s in ROTC, so like, he shouldn’t be that bad.  If he has headphones, he doesn’t use them, and he’s always in our room when I’m trying to sleep.

I’m also quite convinced he doesn’t know my name.  And my name is unusual, because I am Indian, so it’s not so much he forgot it, but he hasn’t bothered to remember it, or ask me.  On the rare occasion he acknowledges my presence, he refers to me as, “her” or “you”

So I went to get late night coffee with the friend from earlier, and a sophomore from another floor who’s joined our squad, and told them all of this, and they were awesome, saying I could hang out with them if I needed a break, and this may sound cheesy and silly, but I’m not used to people being so nice and friendly to me, especially boys, because I didn’t have a lot of male friends in school, so it was nice.

I came back to my dorm feeling just so great, like they cheered me up, and a great weight of anxiety seemed to vanish.  My point in this story is that I really like college, and friends are the best.

P.S: My roommate asked me how I felt about Austin being in our room, so I told her he was disruptive, and she said she’ll try not to bring him by so much and make sure he’s quieter when he is.  So a moral that we all need to learn.  Communication is key!

Okay, bye everybody.

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