Middle of the week

already. Time really flies. Not sure what I have done so far especially past couple weeks. I just re-opened my long due side project today and noticed that I already forgot most of it. Couldn’t really get into coding mode at the office after work. Ended up just watching the Cubs game and Cubs won the world series. People must go crazy in Chicago. I see excitement from all of my Chicago friends!

Work was good! finally got my native local working and started working on UI improvement changes on Add-on pages. Exciting! Lunch with dev team and found out I will be in product team from now on which doesn’t really make that much different at all but felt little weird lol. Worked till after 7 PM at the office then switched to side project cause Anton, Jo, Nikita and April were staying at the office and I wanted to get a ride back home from Anton. Ended up staying till after 9 PM then pizza place after on 3rd. Stayed there for about an hour then Anton, Jo, and I went to Taco bell after and ate little more which was not a good decision. Back home after midnight. Just got out of shower and it’s 12:57 AM already. Got some things to do this week. Got bunch of documentation from the law firm and gotta work on the visa stamp thing too. better go to sleep now. Goodnight all!

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