Been dealing with this blood pressure issue for some time now.  Was taking it in the morning because I figured it would be the lowest at that time of day.  Boy was I wrong.  I had crazy readings.  One was actually 218/111.   One time the blood  pressure cuff actually blew up and exploded right off my arm.  Had to look in the mirror to make sure I was still alive.  Decided to change my pattern and take it after work.  Like 4:30ish.   I think I must be more normal at this time of day.  Reading today was 138/90. Go figure.   Three cheers for the blood pressure. Yay, Yay, Yay.   Now make that four cheers because I have 9 yes NINE  pounds to go. 

The husband made brownies.  Wanted me to eat one.  I said NO WAY.  I’m liking the direction the scale is going right now.  One brownie will just ruin it.  I’m strong and don’t want that to happen especially since I have come this far with so much success. 

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