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Some of my friends are getting into a New Age type of religion.  I’m older than most of you, so I want to share my own experience.  The New Age activities can attract very negative energies into your home and your person.  Let me start by confessing what I was “into” when I was much, much younger.  At some point in my young life I experienced all of these: psychic readings, I Ching, astrology, numerology, crystal ball reading, palm reading, Tarot cards, telepathy and pendulum swinging.  I was even given Tarot cards to play with when I was six years old, and a Ouija Board when I was 13. They fascinated me, especially the beautiful cards.  But I began having terrible, weird nightmares I couldn’t even tell anyone, they were so scary.  And anxiety attacks.  Finally in college I had to be medicated for anxiety and depression.  I spent two weeks in the psychiatric ward of the hospital. At some point in time I began attending a charismatic church and received counseling there.  The ladies were very kind who counseled me at one sitting.  I confessed all my occult activity and they prayed for me. I’m fine now.  It was like a door to hell was shut and I was safe on the other side.  Sorry to be so dramatic, but this was my life.  I have the name (on here) Savedbygrace for a good reason: I am.  I hope I don’t offend anyone, that’s the last thing I want. I just want  people to be informed and stay safe.  ‘Cause I love you.  Thanks for reading this.  Please feel free to comment any way you wish.

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  1. No offense taken. Those are very good warnings to give. I completely agree with you. One thing dabblers do not realize when you want to have an “otherworldly” experience and you play with these things – you are indeed inviting very bad things into your life. There are a lot of entities that feed on fear, depression, sorrow, etc. By using using things like a ouija board or a pendulum you become a shiny beacon to non human things & they will use your curiosity to their advantage.

    I advocate safe play. Yes, these are some of the tools I use to help me along my path, but I also make sure I am protected by higher powers. For me to even decide to touch these things took a lot of reading and advice.

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