Changing my view LITERALLY changes my view figuratively.  

I’ve been dealing with cat issues (okay, mainly Jake issues). The very last thing I want to do is take my frustration out on him. While it stinks (again literally and figuratively) that he has a few issues going on right, none of it his fault. I liken this to a toddler who is wetting the bed because of nightmares.

So after I scrubbed down the house this morning I desparately needed to air myself out (if you’ve ever had to clean with vinegar I am sure you can relate).

The Man I drove South. Our destination: Tallulah State Park (Georgia). We found a scenic drive on one side of the park. There was a cute local gift shop busting full with unique Appalachian themed items. I now have a new maroon hoodie! The Man got a jaw harp. We got the kids 3 enormous color changing jaw breakers. As we stood outside the store we were able to across and down into Tallulah Gorge. The view is priceless!!!

Next we drove to the park. Let me just say I am highly impressed with the upkeep of this nature reserve. These park rangers do an amazing job in really rough terrain. All we were planning on doing was hanging out at the top to check the view. We didn’t bring our hiking equipment with us. However knowing that some where down below was a suspension bridge where you could walk across this huge gorge was too much for me to pass up on.

We did. The signs warned the hike would be strenuous. I took the warnings lightly. Okay, I will say this. The hike down to the hurricane falls overlook was not bad at all, but the hike up… holy cow! I thought I was going to need some one to carry me up. It is 1044 stairs going up the side of the gorge. If you think that isnt too bad – ha! Let’s see you do it. That is what I thought at first too. If I could do that hike once a day I wouldn’t be whining about losing weight any more! 

Today was a beautiful day and I am such a fortunate woman. I love to live & live to love!!!

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