Worst Valentines Day Ever

Allow me to start by addressing the fact that my valentines day’s throughout my life have truly been terrible. Not once in my life have I ever received anything close to even a token of friendship on Valentines day.But of my many failed celebrations of this over glorified, over marketed, and cliche day, all falter in comparison when analyzing my Valentines day in 6th grade. This especially terrible day started with my missing the first half hour of school. My mother’s alarm failed to activate. This meant I missed the mornings orientation towards the day. I would be clueless to the days activities. I was a terrible student at the time so when I arrived for school my academics confused and stressed me. Names of famous people, historical events, and extremely long articles drifted on as the day progressed. Suddenly I snap out of my state of boredom as the teacher announces break. I stumbled through the doors as I went to sit down and discuss Pokemon and video games with my friends. Shortly, we were sent to the cafeteria, and there was a small table with a sign up sheet. They were selling chocolate roses to be delivered to whom ever you’d like later that day for $2.50! What I a stroke of luck!” I had thought, seeing as I’d forgotten to bring anything for Valentines day. I had $5 with me so I left my lunch table to purchase the chocolate roses. Immediately I regretted the decision for instantaneously gossip and rumors were to be created about my purchases. My cheeks flushed and I tried to hide myself in the crowd waiting in line. Being teased and harassed about the purchase I had made I desperately attempted to find my way back to my seat until I realized that at the other end of the table Emma, my crush who i’d purchased the roses for asked “Who’d you buy the roses for?” I responded with just about the dumbest answer possible something along the lines of “uhhh…. nnnnnn…. ot you!!!” as I stuttered and forced the idiot statement out of my throat. I instantly knew how stupid a response this was and at that exact moment everyone at the table understood including Emma. I left for the restroom, patiently waiting until the end of lunch so  I could resume the normal confusion of math and sciences. During class Emma and her friends pointed and whispered. I was miserable. I wanted the roses to be anonymous! But my situation quickly worsened as the 15 minute break before school ended started and the roses were delivered. Emma received her two roses and still optimistic I watched from the back of the classroom. She received only my two roses. She appeared disappointed. I glanced to her friend who asked about her roses. “Well at least you got two from Brent” her friend said. “yeah but those don’t count” I had been rejected many times before and this was not a new experience for me. But the way she said so blatantly that “I didn’t count” I felt crushed. To this very day I have never received a single valentines card and I sat in the back as the class enjoyed their candy. I was acknowledged my no one but my teacher. Who I dismissed politely. I felt lower than I had ever before. I felt like a worm. disgusting, disgraceful, ugly. We finally were released and as I rushed through the school doors and entered my mothers car she greets me with a smile. “did you enjoy your surprise?” I am confused. There was no surprise I had received. Seeing my reaction my mom is now confused. “didn’t you get the cake I sent you?” My mother had ordered a large cake for my class to be delivered to the school! If only it had arrived! My mother called the baker, she explained she left the cake to the front desk. I wait in the car as my mother visits the front desk to investigate the matter. I turned out that the secretary thought the cake was for the staff! I don’t blame her, it was a reasonable mistake. But now I am crying. I am In the car with my mother sitting, unsure of what else to say. My classmates peer from the sidewalk into the car in pity to see my pathetic display of sadness. I spent the afternoon at my sister ballet. No sweets. No acknowledgement. And no self esteem. 

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