Day 250 – Average day

Thursday, November 3rd 2016

Today was not bad. I had programming first and I just did most of my math homework, because we had a substitute and I forgot to do it yesterday. I then had cooking class (calling it cooking class now cause I realized “alimentation” isn’t in the English language as well as French, unless I’m wrong, cause a lot of French and English words are written the same way so I assumed it was also in English) and we made a very bad salad from leftovers. My friend and I were not agreeing with the two other people and their idea of it, especially cause they screwed up on the couscous. It didn’t taste totally bad, but even our teacher said it looked like “someone threw up in my bowl”.

I had lunch with some close friends and I didn’t talk much, mostly just listened, and then I went to technology class, which I worked a little on my X-Wing model. We finished the day with math and we’re getting into an subject that’s hopefully less graphs and just what it is right now.

When I got home I hung out on the server, watched an episode of Project Runway, cause it’s been interesting me lately; it’s fun to see what they can make out of inspired things, since that’s what I like to do, take something and be inspired by it, but then again everyone into art does that. I also played some Dead by Daylight with staff and yeah…

That’s all for today.

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