I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to not have anything planned for Friday night. I could possibly make plans however all I see myself doing tonight is sitting on the couch crocheting while I binge watch New Girl. That is my idea of relaxing tonight. I forgot how much I love crocheting and how mind numbing it is and how fast I can crank out rows and rows. I have some motivation now because I opened my own Facebook page dedicated to selling my homemade crafts. I want to stock up on inventory before inviting people to the page and I wanted to open the page on November 20th but I don’t know how much inventory I need or how fast people will buy my stuff or if people will buy things at all. I am incredibly low on funds right now so there isn’t much I can do right now in terms of buying supplies for crafts. I know I will be going to the store tonight to get food which is much needed, so today at work I might be looking up cheap but cute things to make for the winter months. I was going to make these essential oil hand warmers out of my old flannel that ripped so we will see how well that works out. If I don’t launch my store by November I won’t be too upset. I’ll just keep working on it. I want it to be cute and perfect so I don’t want to rush it at all. But tonight is definitely going to be a me night. Face mask, yarn, and caramel apples. Also praying that the swim school calls me back to tell me I got the job. Everything seemed promising at the time of the interview but you never know what could change their minds. I just know I really want this job and I would work really hard at it and I feel like it would improve my quality of life because I would be doing something fulfilling which is kind of what I have been waiting for. I prayed to God on my way to the interview, because I was nervous I might be taking on too much, that if this job isn’t for me it’s okay, but let me know if it is, and I knew it was what I wanted when I walked through the door. Everything was so happy and orange and tropical and there were silly kids every where and the boss was so sweet and I feel like I really nailed the interview. I’m just hoping and praying!

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