Grow up.

You go to high school, and the first year is scary as shit, then you learn and you start realizing who you are and what you like to do. All through out high school the teachers start preparing you for college “the real world”. 
But what no one realizes that after high school there is no fantasy world. 
Parents stop babying you. 
It’s all of a sudden time for you to grow up.
Everyone grows up at different rates, different times, different ways. 
I had to grow up really fast and take care of my sister.
She got lucky and didn’t have to grow up until half way into her first semester of college. I babied her, made sure she didn’t turn out like me. I protected her from the world. From our parents divorce, from my step fathers death. I made sure she studied, she had goals. I walked her through her first day in high school. I gave her the college campus tour a week before the semester started. 
I never wanted her to feel the pain I felt, I didn’t want her to feel lost, to feel abandoned, to feel rejected. I unconditionally love my sister even though she can be a younger pain in the ass…
In two months I’m moving away and she’s going to have to grow up…
I wont be there to hold her hand anymore. I wont be there to guide her. I won’t be there to get her a job with my friend, to help her with her resume anymore, to help her find an outfit for her first job interview. And it sucks. She has no idea how much I’m going to miss her… 
I’m scared, I don’t want her to get lost. I don’t want her to make bad decisions. I don’t want her to miss me.
I know her potential. She is destined for greatness. She can do so much if only this girl sets her mind to it. Which happens on very rare occasions. 
I only want to wish her the best… 
Growing up sucks and I’m sorry I be there anymore to help you… 

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