Hello Its Marta

Hello.. My name is Marta.. I am 16 years old.. I live in Croatia a small country in Europe.. I speak croatian in real life but I really enjoy talking enlish so here I am speaking it..I like drawing I am pretty good at drawing humans faces and eyes.. I like photographing and writing.. I like music it makes me feel better such as relaxing music and epic music but also k pop and japanese stuff nightcore  cuz I am an otaku an anime fan.. I also listen to rock and metal music (used to listen to death metal now I listen to rock and metal not that much aggressive music.. My favorite colors are blue pink and purple but I adore galaxy colors..My family is pretty small I am an own child I got my mother and father and 2 step sisters by my mom’s side but they have their own families at least one.. I got 2 nephews. I dont really call my step sisters a sisters cause they  never call to talk to me never take me anywhere or anything I dont remember when I last talked to dem.. I am in high school I attend the medical beautician school in another town.. so.. I have to travel by train every day to school..Which takes a lot of time and the train is so noisy annoying and also waiting for train eats my nerves..  I created dis account because I am feeling so low lately and there are lot of stuff I have to say and want to but there is nobody I can share it with so its a bit better to write.. Also sometimes I like to write poetry and stuff but I am really shy about it.. Hope dis journal will help me get rid of the stress and unimportant thoughs..

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