Her Character…

Time and time again. Chance after chance I have given her. It has been a 8 year long friendship and it has been completely and totally ruined by her…
She tells me it is all my fault, that I am selfish. That I am prideful. That I need to be the “bigger person” in our “situation”…
Who does she think she is? Telling me who I need to be? How I should act?
In what world does she have the right to tell me I am a crappy friend when all I’ve ever done is sacrifice my time and emotions to help her deal with her break up.
I was her shoulder to cry on, I was there when no one was there. I was grocery shopping for you because you had no food. I sat there and endured the hurt i felt when she said “I have no friends” or “No one cares about me, they only want to be my friend when I am happy, not when my fiance breaks up with me”
But when my step father died she spared one night for me to complain about her fiance on the eve of my step fathers death and then threw it in my face how she was there for me and I should be there for her. 

Its been half a year, she moved on, found herself another man. The evening before her supposed wedding night she told me she’s leaving to a beach vacation with her new boyfriend(the love of her life). Can you blame me for forgetting it was supposed to be her wedding day? She does….
She yelled at me… Told me my problems don’t matter and that she expected more out of her best friend. To be there for her and to comfort her in her time of need and sadness over her wedding night: the day before she goes to vacation with her new boyfriend. 

She stopped being my person when she told me “I’m getting to know my new boyfriend right now, and when I have spare time we can hang out, but right now “he” is my priority. I wasn’t angry over those words. Yes, I was upset because it would be nice to know that I still matter to you even though you have a new boyfriend. So I let it slide. 
But when she told me that she expected more from me and that I HAD to be there for her, and talk to her. I was fucking LIVID…. 

It has been three months and we haven’t talked since. 
I have been put down by her, her friend told me.
I found out that 8 years of friendship is replaceable.
Thanks to social media I can proudly say she makes more time for her new friend.
And thanks to having friends in common I know that she’s okay. And that’s all that matters, that shes doing well. 

3 thoughts on “Her Character…”

  1. No one owes nothing to nobody, it is foolish to accuse each other, if she realy so selfish, you could just say her:”good bye” and stopped to break your nerves, why you did not do it such long time?

  2. I too had such “friends” a lot of ) until understand that I love myself more then them, do not want being adult friend without stupid tantrums and charges? Good by, I’ll not afford to waste my time :/

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