Moment of Clarity

Coffee warm? Check.  Music playing? Check. A moment of your time…check.

I hope that things are going well with everyone! By the way, “WE MADE IT TO FRIDAY”!!! I know that these entries vary from personal writing to “Blog” like ensembles. With the amount of thinking that goes into writing, there’s always a chance to step back and wonder why we do it in the first place.

If you’re new to my entries, I try to ask questions that I commonly ask myself on a daily basis. If you are used to my entries, you know how this works then. You don’t have to leave a comment but just take the moment to answer for yourselves, my fellow writers.


Why do we write?

I write to relieve the pressure of my thoughts that constantly ache in my head. I don’t know about you, but when I write, I can hear a voice that guides my hand with a pen or my fingers on a keyboard. When I’m finished with what I wrote, I look back and think, “I really wrote that”?! It’s such a great feeling but at the same time, it’s annoying because you constantly edit it to make it work, which you will just end up deleting anyway. I also have used writing as an escape. Not from reality but to help it make sense to me.


Who do YOU want to be when you write?

I always imagined myself as this “Artist” with few words that impact people for no apparent reason. Like,(*overly exaggerated acting voice)  “Snowflake is gray, like the solitary confinement in my mind”(end with head down)…honestly, that just made no damn sense but it sounds really good. With what I have experienced, life isn’t that way nor should my writing conform to it. We see the world in many ways and it’s the gift of description that gives us our visions. Our journies have given us our identities, so why not use it, yeah?


Who do you write to?

This has always been a tricky one. When I first started, I wrote to myself…which I still do with my personal travel journal but there’s a reason for that. Then I tried to target readers, such as yourselves, to help aid me into becoming a better writer. What better set of eyes than those of writers themselves? On some occasions, I find myself writing to the ones that “Got Away” or “That Lost Love”. Cheesy and cliche but it’s the truth, we both can’t deny that. Nowadays, I write to my son (thus the reasoning for writing to myself). I keep my travel journal close as a way for my “Off-Spring” to read and really know who I am as a person…my flaws, my failures, but mostly my love for him and never giving up. I do sneak in little quirky things he does from time to time. Like yelling, “Stranger Danger” with me pushing him in the cart. Or our precious moments like, “Daddy, you are my best friend and I wouldn’t trade you for anything”. Sweet right?! Hold on. As I get emotionally drawn into his words, he looks at me and trots off like nothing ever happened (he got it from his mom).


I really hope that these questions….question your train of thought as a writer. I would love to make a living as one but I have three mouths to feed (Off-Spring, me, and Rayne…my cat). That’s why I do what I can for them. I wouldn’t trade it for anything (except a contract, publisher, and a spot with literary greats). I write to connect with other minds and so I can see what you see. We have our moments where we struggle to find the words that…just aren’t there. But with a little “Clarity” of why we write, you will always have something come to mind.



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