My first journal entry

This is my first entry, and as I am off to run some errands it will not be a long one. I have for some time thought about starting a journal as a way to sort through the insane amount of thoughts that run through my head each day. As an introvert, the majority of my conversations occur in my head, with myself. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you are an extrovert unlike me, in which case, I think you are lucky. Being an introvert is not easy in todays day and age, and I hope that this journal will help me deal with some of the challenges I face day to day. 

2 thoughts on “My first journal entry”

  1. I understand you) and it’s difficult even to find good joob) exactly well-paid job)

  2. Welcome to this site. It’s a good one. I was terribly introverted in my younger years. I know it is painful. I hope you become more relaxed with social situations. It’s okay to be introverted, though. It really is okay. Will look forward to more entries from you on GJ. God bless you.

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