My Matthew

Matthew is in the hospital for evaluation and maybe a couple weeks stay.  He lost control last night and couldn’t calm down no matter what, so daughter had to phone for the ambulance.  She has spent about 17 hours with him at the hospital, waiting for a consultation.  I subbed for her and stayed with him long enough for her to go home and shower and run a couple of necessary errands.  I was only there about 2 hours, but I am so tired. I can’t imagine how she must feel.  I told her to call me if I can help again later today.  Please send prayers for daughter and Matthew, and God’s will.  God may be using this to get Matthew off the mammoth amount of meds he is on and start over with something simple to help his outbursts not happen.  I know God will bring good out of it.  I hope he will not have to go into a facility—-he already spent one year in Palmetto Behavioral Center.  Dear Jesus, you know all about it.   Thy will be done.  Friends, please pray.

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