Still Waiting to Hear

Trying to cheer myself up with typing.  Matthew is still in hospital, getting an evaluation.  They may send him home, or keep him in hospital 2 weeks to stabilize, or other.  I am very anxious to hear.  I know that God will do what is best for everyone.  Matthew’s meds need changing.  This may be the avenue for that.  Typing is the most comforting feeling.  I love the feeling of the keys under my fingertips.  I’m using this to cheer myself up.  Hope you all are okay. 

3 thoughts on “Still Waiting to Hear”

  1. Well…you know what? I didn’t believe in miracles but somthings happened and now I do.
    Life can show you miracles when you least expect them. I hope you get granted one. Ciao!

  2. Thank you both so much. Goddess, sadly the psychiatrist at the hospital said he would recommend exactly the meds Matthew’s doctor has him on. I don’t think they plan to change anything. It is so frustrating to be helpless in this. Thank you for your support, Goddess, and Blaze I am so happy you’ve discovered that miracles are real! Thank you for sharing that with me!

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