the spring festival – alois hans schram

this is the third time my entry wasn’t submitted. or it has been and i just can’t find it? who knows? all i know is i’m a fool and i keep re-writing it.

this was supposed to be a way to calm myself. to release some thoughts. but boy, am i as stressed as ever. kidding! i’m usually carefree. being stressed is like a blessing to me. that may sound odd but i enjoy other emotions aside from happiness. although happy is my default emotion, i tend to feel more sad and melancholy these past few weeks.

it’s normal for a teenager my age to be feeling sad all of a sudden but in the middle of writing that sentence there i thought, “why the hell should that be normal?”

i love happiness, i really do. that’s why in every possible situation i always choose to be happy. happiness should be normal. it shouldn’t be fleeting. i want people to be happy all the time. i want people to be happy until they get sick and tired of it. i want a world of happy people who greet each other a pleasant morning and ask about each other’s day, pet each other’s dogs and hand each other roses.

this first entry is mostly me just introducing myself. i’m 16 now! quite a fruitful time in my life. rose-colored and rather enjoyable. i’ve met good people, and watch them leave but i honestly couldn’t care less (liar!). been to amazing places. learned new things. and have found my true passion: literature and art!

art is a rather broad term. which is why i say i am truly passionate about it. anything can be art. and i find that so beautiful! hopefully, i can also contribute to this world’s art. and hopefully along the way, make people smile because of it! that’s a nice concept. and i love nice concepts. as much as i like hot soup on a chilly night. dinner is ready, so i better sign out before i write a novel.

here’s my first entry. and hopefully not the last.

TODAY I’M FEELING: like i should be in a garden full of pretty flowers, with a nice small dog on my lap, who likes to lick my fingers.

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