Day 251 – Joke took seriously

Friday, November 4th 2016

Today was good. I had cooking class first and we did some research for our presentation. I then had programming and apparently our teacher was absent for the past couple days cause his mother got cancer, so prayers out to him and his mother. 

At lunch I sat with some close friends and it was a boring lunch, we even acknowledged and laughed about it.

I then had math and of course there’s graphs, it is a functions class after all, cause that’s all there is in 11th grade, ugh. At least it’s a chapter I can see myself understand well. We also got our test back and I got an A-, which is a relief. Kohai made me look at hers before she saw it, and I laughed, since she had nothing to worry about, cause she got an A.

We finished with technology class and I voted for Kohai to pick the number from 1-10 that way we can chose our next subject, and she picked 6 the first time and got it right. So we’re doing videos next.

When I got home I hanged out on the server, got lucky with getting a legendary, and at supper I went for a second helping and my mom was saying “watch your figure” cause we’re going on vacation in January, and I was not happy with what she was saying, so I kinda ignored her when she would mention that. I know it’s not a good thing to ignore her and she’s my mom, but she never said to watch my figure before and I do have a decent figure, slightly overweight, but barely noticeable and even slightly slim if I suck in my belly, so I’m comfortable for the majority with what I got. If she mentions it again I’m gonna have to tell her to stop it, since it’s gonna develop insecurities. Actually, I’m gonna go wake her up to talk to her cause I don’t want to sleep on this… She won’t wake up. I really wanted to talk to her about it…. I went to wake her up again and she told me she was joking and it wasn’t her intention, so I forgave her. It was just the way she said the joke that it sounded as if she was serious. I don’t want her to feel bad though now. I did say I forgive her, so hopefully not.

I played some Dead by Daylight with staff and the owners got me Black Desert Online, the full game, so they bought it for me! That was really nice of them, especially cause they’re going through a rough patch financially.

That’s all for today.


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