Happy Friday

Friday already. This week went by so fast just like any other weeks lol. In the beginning of November, the weather is still great. Short sleeve t-shirt works out perfectly for me. Skated to work and worked on prototyping new feature on the website all day. My Photoshop slows down like crazy which slows me down a lot but I was able to get a prototype done for desktop. I still need to go over to make sure I don’t miss anything but making a very good progress on this project. Worked till 6 PM then skated back home. Decided to go get a massage since I got a Groupon already. 7 to 8, massage then headed to Santa Monica for Friday night skate. I have to grab some tacos before I skated tho cause I was starving. Over 10 people came out. Good 13 miles of skating! Feel much better after skating like usual. Back home and just took a shower. 12:38 AM now. I guess I won’t be able to work on my side project tonight either 🙁

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