I am a zombie

It’s going to take me a bit longer to type this entry because I have fake nails on. I usually don’t get them but last year for Halloween I got them done and this year I decided to keep the tradition going.  Damn it’s super hard to type.  Anyways, it’s been awhile and a lot has gone on.  I’m not sure if I wrote about this but a couple weeks ago I went out two nights in a row and one of those nights I did something really bad.  I actually don’t feel like typing it out because I don’t want to see it in writing nor do I want a paper trail in case anyone I know should ever happen to read this.  I didn’t kill anyone or anything like that but it’s just not something I’m proud of.  The second night was actually a lot of fun.  I went out with coworkers and we met these random guys, one of which was a doctor and he was with this older guy who kept hitting on everyone.  They were super nice and the doctor was pretty good looking.  Then because I’m such a shitty girlfriend and I did that other bad thing, I got the stomach flu to put me in my place and I was super sick for 3 days and had to call in sick to work for a day.  I haven’t gotten that sick in a long time.  I did lose a lot of weight though (silver lining?), but I gained it all back by now.  Other than that I’ve just been working and for awhile I was scared to go out again just because I think those two nights in a row had lowered my immune system which was probably part of the reason why I got sick.  The boyfriend wants to go out tonight and some coworkers want to go out tomorrow night.  I tried to get my boyfriend to go out last night but he didn’t want to, so it looks like I’ll be having another two nights in a row problem but hopefully without the sick part.  Another event is I finally went to see my psychiatrist to get my meds sorted out and I finally got my xanax back so I wouldn’t act like a Central Park squirrel at work and she started me on this new medication for my overall anxiety and the side effects are that it could make me have an increased appetite which is HORRIBLE because I already have an increased appetite and that it could make me tired.  I’m not sure about the increased appetite because I’m generally always hungry but I am for sure tired.  That thing puts me out…greatest sleeping pill ever, but it sucks the next morning I’m drowsy and feel almost like in a fog.  I mean of course I’m not going to be anxious if I’m tired and feel like a zombie all day.  I’m hoping it will eventually go away…?  Well, that’s all for now.  Will write about my nights out in a few.  Hopefully I won’t get sick again but I plan on not doing anymore bad things….at least I hope I won’t. 

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