Lock up

Matthew, age 15, spent the night in lock-up at the local hospital, behavioral unit.  At least daughter was able to go home and get some sleep. They are going to transport him to a psychiatric hospital somewhere in the state as soon as a bed comes available.  He will be there about one week.  After that, we don’t  know what.  Will they place him somewhere? Will they let him come home?  My poor baby.  He was the sweetest, most mellow little baby and toddler.  He still has a heart of gold.  All the meds he is on would make anyone go berserk.  It’s 2:30 a.m.  I went to bed early so I could get up early and go to the hospital, but it backfired and I woke too early.  I don’t even know if they will let me see him.  He asked me to bring an orange crush, a mountain dew, and a Zebra cake.  Maybe they will give those to him even if they don’t let me in.  Jesus, have mercy.  Grant us Thy peace.  If it can be, let me see Matthew this morning and hug him before he is transported out.  God, you know how much I love this child, this young man.

2 thoughts on “Lock up”

  1. I’m so sorry this has happened 🙁 I know what its like to be locked up…I’ve spent a total of like four and a half years under section in a hospital. I really don’t like those places at all…my greatest source of comfort was when my family would come to visit me and weirdly enough the other patients. It’s a horrible waiting game being in hospital, they have to assess you all the time to make any decisions, and it takes them forever to make a decision, it is so frustrating. They watch you all the time and make constant assessments which shorten or lengthen the time you’re there. I hope they let him have visitors because that’s what helped me the most when I was there. It’s awful having your freedom taken away from you, there are no words to how terrible it feels. I wish Matthew didn’t have to experience this!

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