Looking back

Its been three weeks since we were not together. Time does strange things – the more the days passed by the farther it felt from that day we broke up. Its been three weeks since I didnt have that much sleep nor I was able to stop crying. Now, i feel better but not the same anymore. My eyes dont water up when I think of you but my heart does this little crumple feeling when I do. By mind aches and my breathing starts to get shallow. I look back from time to time, trying to remember those conversations we had. I wanted to see when and where our relationship started to change. I admit, I blame myself…i was thinking maybe if I was sensitive enough I would have been able to approach our situation differently. But then, I told myself I didnt do anything wrong other than love you in every way I can. But  I want to say Im sorry that I failed us. That I just accepted your decision and let you walk away. It didnt mean that I dont love you. I do thats why I let you do what you wanted and what you feel you needed to do. I cannot cage you darling, know that my love was a free one. I love you and I think about you all the time. I just hope you are well…

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