I will rather feel alive with a child like sould

Today its 4 days away for my birthday i turn 18.I grew up with my grandparents in a small poor part of Mexico..but i live in the us now.From not knowing my dad..seen my mom 9 times my entire life..got taking away from family when i was 12 ..by adoption for a better life.Now my step mom gone for vacation my new family that is not close to me..and me not being allowed to see my boyfriend i wonder how alone i am gonna feel on my bday…i hope it feels different,i guess i just need someone there.

3 thoughts on “I will rather feel alive with a child like sould”

  1. Happy Birthday, Pink Lemonade. I hope your day will turn out to be special. Even if you and God are the only two to celebrate it. “He rejoices over you with singing.”

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