Not Meant To Be (One Last Kiss)

You were the older brother of my best friend
I had a crush on you that wouldn’t end
I fought an uphill battle from the very start
I was only 15, we were 8 years apart
The first time you tried to kiss me I pushed you away
Things were complicated, it couldn’t happen that day
A few years later I would finally quench my thirst
Gave into desire and you became my first
We were going to attempt dating
Your parents caught wind and started hating
They threw you out and you moved out of state
I was left alone with a period that was late
Luckily for me or was it lucky for you
The test came out clear and not blue
You came back to visit, a new woman in tow
Couldn’t tell you then, it’d be years before you’d know
Even though we knew it wrong we couldn’t fight
Wound up in each other’s arms later that night
So it went as we’d see each other for a few years
You’d visit, we’d kiss and I’d end up in tears
You wouldn’t leave her yet hated my being with Shawn
I knew you cared deeply from the way you carried on
Then Debbie passed and I had moved to a different state
Both single now but separated by a wicked twist of fate
Talked everyday online, we eagerly awaited to chat
I was falling back in love with you in no time flat
You said ‘you know me so well I could marry you’
Had me pondering something old, new, borrowed and blue
But there was one thing I couldn’t get past
Kind of important if a relationship is to last
Then a friend set you up on a blind date
You posted that everything was so great
We would never have a legitimate chance
I’m ok with it because you’re light in the pants
Still the world seemed to stop whenever we’d kiss
The feel of his lips is the only thing I miss

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