The Elegant Mask

Over the years, I never wanted to be alone. I loved the company of others and just relating to anyone. I was the “Center of Attention” both in good ways and bad. As things progressed with lessons taught and to be taught, I was no longer happy with myself.

I became what people wanted me to be. It didn’t feel right, not appeasing their wants and needs. Like everything, something else would always peak their interest and leave you with yourself.

What then? Has this mask I put on taken over who I really was? Why can’t I be satisfied with who I see myself as?

So, as the mask came off, my confessional sins did too. Staring into those hollow eyes…I witnessed who others saw but the intricate designs distracted from the emptiness. The slight cracks were probably from me trying to break away from it but the oily stains of wear helped keep it firmly planted to my face.

A slight relief came over me and I headed to the mirror to see what I really looked like. It has been years since I saw myself.

Taking a deep breath, I opened my eyes in front of the mirror. I couldn’t help but cry. The pain and suffering I carried with that mask led to this.

Another mask…to walk with, through society.


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