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We’ve experienced a tragedy in my little cornor of the United States. It is one that has received national, if not international headlines. It tears my heart to pieces.

A young lady was kidnapped back in August only no one knew it. Her boyfriend and her just mysteriously vanished. She was found yesterday. Only she had not skipped town. She was kidnapped by a social deviant. A man kept her chained up inside of a storage locker. The days are very warm in the powerful South Carolina sunshine. She told police she witnessed her captor murder her boyfriend. Today investigators found a body on the property.

While we are off dealing with our lives, this poor woman was going through true suffering. I honestly can not imagine how she can go on. What will her life be like with this dark cloud hanging over her shadow?

So tonight when you go to sleep safe in your bed, can you say a prayer to heal this woman?

2 thoughts on “The News Today”

  1. I surely will say a prayer for her. For healing, comfort and strength. And a new life without scars and dark memories. Lord, have mercy on this dear girl. Give her grace. Give her courage to love again. Give her a miracle, dear Lord. And make us all more mindful of our blessed lives and safety.

  2. As this story unfolds, I can not believe that this woman is still alive. Her captor has murdered some where between 5 – 7 people. It is truly a miracle that she wasn’t killed. I plan on donating to her gofundme account. She is going to need so much support to get through this.

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