Another Small Miracle

I didn’t know if I would be able to play for the nursing home residents today.  My left hand had what felt like a bruise.  I tried to play but it was too painful.  I considered calling and cancelling. I even phoned the nursing home, but it rang and rang and no one picked up.  So we went on to church, taking Jacob with us.  There was lots of prayer during church and somehow my hand got healed.  When we left church it didn’t hurt anymore!  We went to the hospital to see Matthew and got home right in time for Mom to arrive to go with me to the nursing home.  I decided since my hand got healed and the timing worked out, I ought to go.  I was more relaxed at the piano than usual, even though I made one noticeable mistake and had to just go back to the Key of C and press on.  The residents mostly slept.  But a couple of them really enjoyed the music.  And oddly enough, so did I.  (smile)

2 thoughts on “Another Small Miracle”

  1. The Power of Prayer is infinite!
    I was diagnosed with a Rotator Cuff Tear of >25%. I had the Church praying for me as well as friends and family.
    Upon going into my shoulder the Surgeon could not find the tear that he and others saw on the films!
    God is GREAT!!!!!

  2. Yes He is surely!! Please pray for my Matthew — he is being transported right now from Regional hospital to a Psychiatric Hospital for children and teens in Columbia, SC.
    He is 15. He is my grandson.

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