Day 252 – Server Business

Saturday, November 5th 2016

Today was mixed. I started off the day by cleaning my room thoroughly, then I hopped on the server. Someone just was causing so many problems and I had a 45 mins discussion with them and they were just rude and ignoring everything I said. Because of that I was upset and angry and all over the place, even shaking, since I had to meet people visiting in the middle of our discussions. I then talked with one of the owners, because they were saying how it is stressful for them that they sometimes think they should stop the server. I offered them a break since they really do need it, so she offered that I would take care of the server for a week, so I’d be the owner basically, and I’d be promoted to SuperAdmin, which usually they don’t do that. Also, as a SuperAdmin, any extra donations that we have each month that we don’t need to pay for the server, a percentage of it will go to me, and if taking care of the server is too stressful, I can always call them back in. It’s quite a good proposal, I’d just have to find a good week for it. I was going to talk to Kohai about this, but she’ll probably read this first haha.

Other than that, I bought Batman – The TellTale Series and streamed it on twitch. I had a few people from the server showed up, but the chat wasn’t working for me, so I wasn’t discussing anything with them. It was fun regardless.

That’s all for today.

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