Kate Spade

Despite feeling unattractive, my weekend was awesome. 

We went shopping at a Premium Outlets location and we got to go in a brand new luxury car. Mike was given one to drive as a reward for being the top goal scorer in his soccer league. I felt like a queen just sitting in it. 

I got a gorgeous Kate Spade bag – my first.

We also got a free dinner! I’d ordered a tuna burger and after waiting for half an hour or so we were informed they didn’t have any so I ordered the salmon. The manager came out to apologize and comped our entire meal. I was surprised. And impressed. Mistakes happen, I get it. (I work in Food Service so I know this all too well.) I wasn’t even bothered. We were enjoying our drinks and appetizer so it’s not like we were in a rush. I explained to the manager that I was OK, but he insisted. I thought he meant to only cover my plate, but he covered the entire meal which was probably close to $200. The manager was really young so I wonder if this was one of his first nights handling the kitchen solo on a Saturday and wanted to make sure we were OK. I’ll leave him a good review!

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