Last night’s dream

Most people remember their dreams. They want to share the experience that was meant for them. I am a firm believer that dreams reveal the subconscious, delve into the past, or in some cases they can even predict the future.

I’ve always been one that wants to keep a dream journal, especially after I was awakened. To my bitter disappointment even after those manic lightening bolt moments, my dreams still managed to evade me. That just makes the ones that I do actually remember all the more important.

Since I doubt I will ever get the chance to fill out pages in my dream journal, this entry is in regards to what I dreamt about last night. I am unsure about the nature of it. What makes it slightly unsettling is that even though I woke up hours ago it still whispers through my mind.

Sister, last night I dreamed of you. It was odd. You were driving a car, but really it was just a strange plastic box with no windshield, no windows, no open area at all to see out of. Some how I knew that you were inside of this peculiar blue box of a car. You drove it down an open road and into a big, box building filled with sterile light and other cars that were also driving around. I guess you could think of it like a parking garage, but really it was nothing like that. Sister, all the other cars were normal, every day type cars. They were equipped with headlights, windshields, and everything else. They were normal. There you were driving your blue box along with nothing to show you the way. The dream flashed to black. Then you were in an accident and trapped inside your box. Every one tried to help you. 

After that I woke up. 

And just because my entry before this one was about an accident near the house, I really don’t think the dream stemmed from that. Sister, when I think about all of the details of the dream and our relationship as of late – this dream says so many things. I can’t help but think that right now you need help.

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  1. No. I don’t speak to her. My sister exudes behavior that has led me to believe that she wants me to hurt, suffer, and die. Out of all the people in this world, she is the only one that actively tries to destroy me. Its very sad, especially since I credit her as the one who raised me and cared for me as a child.

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