Longest. Three. Days. Ever.

Hey! Sorry I haven’t written for a few days, my computer has been missing for a couple of days. I’ll just talk about what has happened since my last post… 

Thursday: got my but chewed for missing assignments, yet not for grades. Had a 5o4 meeting. Was bored out of my mind for the rest of the day.

Friday: had to get all of my assignments. Had a dia de los muertos party in Spanish where I ate until I nearly popped. Also, we are learning about a Chinese group called the boxer party so we were doing presentations and this one guy started going around “killing” people and yelling things like “foreiner” and “Christian” because that’s what the boxer party did. My teacher laughed so hard she turned purple, I’m not even exaggerating. After class she was saying something and it sounded like she had been crying so I asked and she said she had and I was like “was it really that bad” and she said no, she was trying not to laugh out loud. It was great… 

Anyway, that leads us to today. My mom was at a funeral and my step-dad was working so we ended up going to my grandmother’s house to hang out and not be bored. My grandpa brought the boys fishing (I wanted to go to but I’m not a male which is a stupid reason not to let me go) and so I (and this is vere cliché) baked cookies with Grandma. My brother caught 6 trout. Who knew the monster was such a natural?

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