• “Some things are under my control and other things are not.”
  • “People are upset not by things but by their judgements about things.”
  • “You are just an appearance and not at all the thing you claim to represent.” (Response to a troubling impression.)
  • “You are nothing to me.” (Response to things not under your control.)
  • “Virtue is the only true good.”
  • “What is beyond my control is indifferent to me.”
  • “Indifference to indifferent things.”
  • “If you want any good, get it from within yourself.”
  • “Don’t demand that things go as you will, but will that they happen as they do, and your life will go smoothly.”
  • “Sickness is a hindrance to the body, but not to the will.”
  • “Never say of anything ‘I have lost it’ but ‘I have returned it.’”
  • “It seemed right to them.” (Response to someone whose actions seem disagreeable to you.)
  • “Everything has two handles, and can be picked up and carried either wisely or foolishly.”
  • “Whoever yields properly to Fate, is deemed wise among men, and knows the laws of heaven.” (Quoted from Euripides)

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