Evening Reflection – Day One

Today feels like I’ve started on a new path with some baggage that I hope to lighten as I go along.  I have thought about K but fleetingly and been able to control the old anxiety by realising this is something that is totally out of my control – he will respond if I text but that is out of “duty” and I know that for whatever reason I have “popped out of his mind”.  Experience has taught me that his recent behaviour of the past few days means he is involved in some way with someone else and I need to continue to work to maintain my integrity and not be swayed.  I am disappointed that I know I am still vulnerable to feeling rejected and need to fully understand what this means – what is it that really bothers me?  I also remind myself that this cannot harm me – his behaviour is not in my control but my reaction is.

I feel good about relationships with family today – I feel I have nurtured, been patient and accessible.

I feel particularly good that I am taking some time to turn the telly off, concentrate on something valuable and feel I am stretching my intellectual muscle for the first time in a long time – really enjoying journalling too!

Ive had a great day re food – planned the day and cooked.

Tomorrow I intend to continue with more of the same and also to spend some time on personal things – pampering etc.

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