Forest Fires…*edit*

Good morning World!

Again we have the steady thumping of the Black Hawks over head as they transport water from the lake to the forest fires on Mowbray Mountain, Signal Mountain, and Lookout Mountain.

Last evening there appeared to be 10 separate fires on Mowbray Mountain.

With the severe drought here it is no wonder that there are so many fires, reoccurring fires. In my birth State the Governor would close the Hunting Season to protect the woodlands, but here we are in the Deer Hunting Season and no mention has been made to halt or delay the season. I find it very irresponsible to allow the season to go on in light of how tender dry everything is. I have heard the cost of the Water Bombing Airplanes and the Black Hawks is $72,000 a day. I cannot understand how the Deer Season and the tax dollars it generates can justify the possible loss of life, the cost of the fire crews, homes and the forests.

I am not a tree hugger mind you, I used to go hunting every season back home. But since moving here all I do is shoot targets. I prefer to harvest my meat at the grocery.

I cannot fathom the stupidity of someone walking through the forest scouting or hunting, and smoking and dropping the still smoldering cigarette on the crunchy leaves carpeting the forest floor. I feel this is how these fires are starting, as there are to many separate sites and it has not been cold enough to warrant a warming fire. Also there have been no storms to have started a fire or fires by lightning strikes.

I only hope and pray that the fires are extinguished and that the healing rains our lands need soon return.

The area consumed is now over 1,000 acres!

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