Long time no type

Well then, it’s been some time hasn’t it? 

Today is Monday 7th November 2016. Good ol’ Mondays where everyone is heading back to work or school, as for me, I had to go back to school after a four day weekend! I know right, a four day weekend? Yep, something was going on at my school so we got a long weekend which you’d expect students to catch up with missing work or read ahead of their studies umm that did not happen, not me anyways haha (ahh I’m so behind with school work!). Anyways, I had a late start today which is nice however, I had to wake up early in order to shower and wash my hair. I’m a nighttime kind of shower person just because I like my bed to feel clean after a long day out, I’m not bashing anyone who showers in the morning as I know a lot of people who do, I still think it’s great, but surely sleeping in your dirt is but much? So, after my shower I got dressed and had to take my brother to school as my parents had gone to work and I had this free. I got home and made a slice of butter and jam toast yummy! Have you ever tried it? (Its bomb!) Next I had school, I missed my bus like always and so I had to wait for a long time, as I down on the bus I realised I had forgotten my school ID which gets me into the building, instead of going back home to get it I thought why not stay on the bus and just follow a student through the doors. I arrived at school and saw a fellow classmate who kindly allowed me to go behind me however, there are constantly security watching over our shoulders and can you guess what happened? Yep I got caught! Here’s how the conversation went “Excuse me young lady, can I see your ID” I replied “Umm I don’t have it” “Well you’re going to have to buy a new one for £5 or go back home to get it” so I went back home to get it bare in mind I’m carrying two massive sketchbooks with me as I take art and boy it was heavy. On the way home to get my ID I was tempted to just stay at home since I’ve already missed registration and the first half of my art lesson, but as the good girl (90% of the time) that I am I decided to go in. I managed to go back to school and arrive late to my lesson great! (I didn’t miss much though, my teacher just talks and talks about things we already know) then I had lunch blah blah boring school stuff haha. Finally! Home time! I went this technology shop called Curry’s (I know weird right?) because I think I broke my laptop and wanted to ask if they could fix it. Going there was the highlight of my day, the person who helped me was so lovely and patient I really do respect and love kind hearted people however, he didn’t manage to fix my laptop so I have to take it in again and send it away. Cost so much to do, but at this point I am desperate. I got home and chilled now here’s where my day goes downhill…. My mother and I either get a long very well or not at all and most of the time we don’t. You see my mother never listens, I can never have the heart to heart conversation I mean, for example, she never gave me the period talk (I’m a girl if you haven’t figured haha), sex talk, boyfriend talk any of that stuff. TMI? Sorry! The point is your mum is meant to teach you these things and have a laugh of it, not my mum though. If I were to be in some sort of trouble such as getting kidnapped she will be thinking how weak I am how did someone managed to kidnap me and that I’m stupid for not getting away (I’m not exaggerating). Alright, if you’ve actually read this far you’ll realise that I’m not in the best mood, I just wanted to let it out so um yeah. See ya next time.





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