Matthew going to Hospital in Columbia SC

As I write, Matthew is being transported to a hospital for teens and children in Columbia.  He will be there anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks.  We are SO hoping they will change his meds.  Or find what ever is wrong and fix it!  This is a real opportunity for Matthew to get better.  Thank you for your prayers, everyone!!  I went to the local hospital to tell him goodbye.  He was sleepy and laid down on his little pallet, and I covered him with those thin hospital blankets and kissed him goodnight. It was mid-afternoon.  I knew his mother was arriving in minutes to help him make the transition.  She brought change of clothes, etc.  He told me to wake him as soon as she came in.  I was so glad to get to tuck him in like I used to do when he was younger.  That was good for my heart—and maybe his too.  He smiled.  God bless Matthew.

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